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Our Philosophy

A  dog's life doesn't necessarily mean a "Dog's Life". Life for a dog should be good, also in the area of care and hygiene.

A careful and loving way to treat your animal is the "core" of our business.

You bring us your pet, a living and tender being, and that's exactly how we'll treat it.

We combine elegant optics with high practical benefits, so that your dog won't take home half the forest after a walk.

We work with you as pet owners. You decide whether you'll attend the grooming session.

Grooming, - for you means: You may expect professional care from us, for dogs and cats. We are experts in the areas of coat treatment and - reconstruction.




   Cat care

We'll be happy to take over the often difficult claw trimming. We also de-tangle and de-matt your cat's coat, without any anesthesia and without shaving the cat bald!

Trimming ain't just trimming!

We take the time for coat care, we don't just shear your dog. We work by the GROOMING guidelines, in a caring and professional matter.

Lost and found

In our salon you will find an information board, where you can leave a note, free of charge. - Maybe we, or one of our customers will be able to help.


You are interested in purchasing a dog or a cat. Ask us as we might give you some helpful tips. For example which animal goes with a family or which one is more suited for a senior.

Special products

We and many of our clientele have made very good experiences with the Karlie, Vetyl, Lieser - products. You can purchase the complete set in our shop.